4 best water filter for coliform bacteria

best water filter for coliform bacteria

When it comes to bacteria, some are beneficial and those that are harmful. For those such as coliform bacteria, they will not directly cause illness but their presence in water is an indication that pathogens that cause diseases may be in the water.

It is, therefore, important to find a way of dealing with the bacteria and one of the ways is through investing in a water filter that deals with coliform bacteria.

Best water filter for coliform bacteri


There are many filters in the market that deal with coliform bacteria that it may be hard to choose the best. In this buyer’s guide, we compare the 4 best water filter for coliform bacteria so that it is easy for you to make the right choice. Some of our 4 top picks include:

This is an 11 stage RO UV alkaline purifier. The UV sterilization will make sure that all forms of bacteria such as coliform and E. coli as well as all forms of viruses are taken care of.  It also removes chlorine, fluoride, chromium, and heavy metals while at the same time enhancing the taste of water.

Even though it gets rid of bacteria and most contaminants, it does not remove the essential minerals to make sure that you take balanced drinking water. 

It is easy to install and you can do it yourself.

There is also always-available support in case you need any support with your filter.


  • Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Dimensions: 15 x 5 x 14 inches
  • Flow rate: 0.8 GPM

What is included: UV sterilizer, UV bulb, Pressure gauge, Teflon tape, tank valve, 4-gallon water storage tank, different filters, leak stop valve, adapter valve, quick connect faucet adapter, flow restrictor, automatic shut-off valve


  • It has an 11-stage filter system to make sure that you get clean water
  • Comes with an auto shut valve to make sure that no water is wasted
  • It is easy to install
  • Does not remove essential minerals
  • An always-available support system


  • Not NSF certified
  • Some users had issues with their water still being acidic

Unlike the other water filter that was an 11-stage system, this is a 6- stage system. It was the water purification in 6 stages and has a UV sterilizer to make sue that all the harmful bacterial including coliform and E. coli are eliminated from the water. In addition to that, up to 99% of lead, chlorine, fluoride and hard metals are also removed from the water making sure that you have clean purified water that is safe for drinking.

It is easy to install and you can do it yourself. 

The system is automated and thus the system is activated automatically making sure that you have clean water whenever you need it.

There is always readily available support if you need any help with your filter.

The filter system comes with a coconut carbon filter to improve the quality and give you water that has a natural taste.

Unlike most RO systems, this one has an emergency leak stop detector that will automatically shut off water flow when it detects unnecessary moisture.

It has a flow rate of 0.8 GPM and a water pressure of 40 – 80PSI


  • Weight: 28 pounds
  • Dimensions: 5 x 14 x 15 inches
  • Voltage: 100 volts

What is included: UV sterilizer, UV bulb, 4-gallon water storage tank, tank valve, Teflon tape


  • Easy to install
  • The system not only cleans but also sterilizes the water
  • UV light not only kills bacteria, viruses, and micro-organisms but is destroys their DNA thus prevents them from replicating.
  • The RO system removes all contaminants without adding any chemicals to the water
  • It can produce up to 100 gallons per day
  • It comes with a tank valve to prevent wasting water


  • Some users complained of leaks
  • Some users found it inefficient as you have to pour out the fist gallon of water since it is not the cleanest.

This set comes with 11 filters that are braced with UV and 100 GPD RO membranes. The water filter has a size of 10 inches. The UV sterilization will make sure that all the bacteria are gotten rid of such as coliform, E. coli, algae, and viruses. Apart from eliminating contaminants and bacteria, it has an active mineral technology that adds essential minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium to your water. It also adds up to 20% more oxygen making the water have more oxygen than regular water.

The system has smart filtered sediment such that its outer layers will deal with the coarse contaminants and the inner layer with fine contaminants. This will make sure that your filter serves you for longer hence giving you more value for money.

The membrane is great in removing contaminants and has a density graded membrane film that will do proper filtration while having a large surface area coverage.

The connect hose is compatible with any faucets giving you an easy installation.

The system operates on a 40-80 PSI water pressure. It has a flow rate of 1GPM.

It is certified by NSF and got a score of 58.

The filters are made from food-grade material making sure that your water is completely safe.


  • Weight: 3.52 ounces
  • Product dimensions: 2.5 x 2.5 x 9.8 inches


  • It filters out contaminants but at the same time adds in minerals, antioxidants, and oxygen to your water
  • Has a high flow rate of 1 GPM Easy to install
  • The smart filtered sediment makes it long-lasting
  • The large surface area membrane can deal with many contaminants at the same time
  • Food grade material makes sure that no compounds from the body of the system get into the water.


  • It is expensive

This is a water filtration system that does the process in 4 stages to make sure that all the harmful bacteria and microbes are removed from the water. The UV light is great in dealing with bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae. The other filtration stages deal with chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, herbicides, hard metals, bad taste, and odors. The UV light not only kills microorganisms but also kills their DNA which prevents them from replicating. It also does the cleaning without adding any chemicals or changing the taste of water.

Unlike other kinds of filters, it does the purification but does not alter the PH of the water. 

There is great customer support with a 30-day money-back guarantee. The product also comes with an extended manufacturer’s warranty.


It has a pressure of 20-40 psi.


  • Weight: 12.45 pounds
  • Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 6 inches


  • It has a 4-stage cleaning system to make sure that all contaminants are removed from the water
  • Cleans water without any addition of chemicals
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and extended manufacturer’s warranty
  • Great after-sales service


  • Does not alter the PH of the water
  • It has a low pressure of 20-40 PSI
  • Some users had issues with leaks

Buyer’s guide

All the above filters are great picks for dealing with coliform bacteria. It may, however, be confusing on which one to exactly choose. In this section, we hope to make it easier for you to choose one. It is important to first know what to look for when shopping for a water filter to deal with coliform. Some of the factors to consider include:

Source of water

It is important to consider your source of water as some waters have higher hardness levels than others. For example, well water is more acidic as compared to municipal water. Some filters don’t have the capacity of dealing with very acidic water. There are also some which will not alter your water PH if that is what you are looking for.

Water pressure

It is important to both know the water pressure of your home and the water pressure of your filter. There has to be a balance or else you will have issues with leaks. If the water pressure of the water filter is too low, you might have to invest in a booster pump.

Flow rate

The flow rate of the water filter you are interested in is very important. No one would want to find themselves in a situation of inconvenience because the flow rate of the filter is too low.

Water capacity

The water capacity of the water filter is very important as it should be able to sustain your home. The water capacity is also a great indicator of how long the water filter will last.

Warranty/ after-sales service

It is also important to consider the warranty of the filter that you are buying and the kind of after-sales service available. That will give you confidence that the material used is of good quality and that you can always get support whenever you need it.

Material used

Some materials are not BPI free and hence may release harmful compounds and lead in the drinking water. Always check to make sure that the filter is made from food-grade material.


AS much as the certifications are not the overall base of the judgment of a good filter, they can give you confidence that the filter meets standards. A good filter should be NSF/ANSI certified.

With the above guideline, at least it is now clear on what to consider when you are looking for a water filter to deal with coliform bacteria. We will know narrow down our best in certain dimensions to help you choose the right water filter from the four for your needs.

Highest flow rate: When it comes to the flow rate, the one that has the highest flow rate is Express Water – 1 Year Alkaline UV Reverse osmosis system replacement filter set which has a flow rate of 1GPM which is higher than the rest which all have a flow rate of 0.8 GPM.

Highest capacity: The filter with the highest capacity is Express Water Ultraviolet Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System – 6 stage system as it can produce up to 100 gallons per day. You will, however, have to have your tank as the tank that comes with the system has a capacity of 4 gallons per day.

Best in terms of material used: When it comes to the material used, the Express Water – 1 Year Alkaline UV Reverse osmosis system replacement filter set is the best as it has been used using food-grade material.

Best after-sales service: In terms of after-sales service, Bluonics 4 Stage UV water filtration system is the best as it has a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee, always-available support, and an extended manufacturer’s warranty.

Most budget-friendly: The most budget-friendly is the Bluonics 4 Stage UV water filtration system as it retails at $125 which is way cheaper than the rest.

Our overall recommendation: The Express Water – 1 Year Alkaline UV Reverse osmosis system replacement filter set is our overall recommendation. It has always available customer support, has been made using food-grade material and has a high flow rate. It is, however, important to note that different people have different needs, and hence understanding your needs will help you the best choice to meet your needs. It is also good to know what you want to be filtered out from your water apart from coliform bacteria. It is thus advisable that you do a TDS test prior. All the filters we have reviewed are great picks and will serve you well.

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